Perched precipitously atop the Palisades in an undisclosed location just across the river from manhattan, talented artisans toil day and night to handcraft these pieces of art in the secret studio of the puppy pads palazzo.

Each puppy pads piece is a color chameleon born of a legacy of a centuries old tradition, and is at  home in all places.  each piece is made with love.  please take care of your puppy pads pieces.

excellent materials, traditional craftsmanship, exclusive models.  Puppy pads pieces introduces functional artwork.  It’s an opportunity to own a unique and original piece of artwork!!!

The story so far...

it’s all about the pieces dude!!! 

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96 Linwood Plaza #329, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 ~ Phone: 917-301-9590 - Email:

puppy pads pieces - breaking dishes since 1997.